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Sunday, April 22, 2012

One Crazy Night

Tommie Harris- DL for
 Chargers (former Bear)
I don’t know where to begin but here we go. Saturday night Derek ( aka DK) had a party at his house for the UFC fight Jones v. Evans.  So, he had some friends over and most of them I had met before but a few new.  Total there were about twenty people or so there and a lot of DK’s friends are football players or college buddies so among the crowd there was Jeremy Bridges, Lance Briggs and he brought friend and former teammate Tommie Harris over. So, we watched the fight and afterwards played Catch Phrase, (surprisingly this was the first time they had heard of it) which lately has been the game of choice at his house and usually gets pretty heated.  All the wives were there so we did a battle of the sexes with the exception of Tommie on the girls team.  Girls won blah blah but anyways, afterward all the guys were talking about going to “The W”, which they explained was a hotel bar that was pretty fancy and Larry Fitzgerald was having his after party for his Celebrity Softball Tournament – First Down Fund.   So, immediately I’m thinking I have to go to this! Long story short I ended up being the DD for Jeremy, his wife, and another couple. 

Big Jeremy Bridges OL Cardinals
No pressure or anything but driving his (wife’s) 2012, 700 series BMW, was similar to driving a NASA Space ship!  Took me about 5 minutes just to figure out how to change the gears and put it in reverse! Anyways, we arrived at what felt like something out of the movies.  We drive to valet and there’s all these suped up Lamborghinis, limited edition, and special edition “this and that” parked at the curb.  Walk right up in shorts, a V-neck, and tennis shoes which didn’t exactly meet the dress code but all was well as we were able to walk up and get right in. We get in and then walk up to VIP section/ floor where we had a table and met up with Lance, his girl, and Tommie.  At that point we were literally hanging out probably 3-4 feet from Larry Fitz and it was kind of surreal for the first 10-20 minutes.  I took the time to just look around and see all the stars in attendance such as TO, DeSean Jackson, Donavan McNabb, (Yes I’m name dropping but just so you get a better feel )Kurt Warner, Gary Payton, few Suns players and the list goes on but the weirdest part is that they're just regular people socializing.  We always tend to put these big time athletes on such a pedestal and we refuse to believe there just like you and me; so it was cool to see them in their own environment off the field.  I did eventually get introduced to Larry, who if you didn’t know is my favorite NFL WR I try to model on the field—excellent ball control and hands. He doesn’t ever say much on the field but works his a**off and puts everything on the field.    Of course by this point my phone was dead, and couldn’t get a picture with him  which wasn’t the end of the world but because it was his party he literally didn’t have more than seconds before he wasn’t signing something, taking a picture, or talking to someone so I appreciated the brief time he gave me.  Overall it was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.

Sidenote: if you remember from my earlier blog about going out with Brock and having a body guard, I ran into him again last night.  Turns out he's legit (not that I doubted it ) but he was Larry's body guard for the night and remembered me when I came up an talked to him.  Small world.
DeShawn Jackson - Eagles Wr
Larry Fitzgerald- Arguably one of best WR in the game 

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