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I'm starting this blog to help keep everyone in the loop on my football training so I hope you guys enjoy. I'll apologize in advance for the possible imperfect punctuation or spelling. As I've come to find, my girlfriend Haley is the first phone call I get for ALL my grammatical errors LOL. But ill do my best to keep them interesting and easy to follow. I will also try to post pictures just to help give a visual to different people, buildings, and events.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another Day at the Gym

Hit the boxing workout and this was the first time that I actually got to do the boxing workout at the same time with Lance so you already know that I was putting a little extra juice on all the punches and trying to look crisp.  Not sure how well I accomplished that but I did get a “mmmmm okkkk” out of him so I’ll take it.  Before I have you convinced I’m this great boxer the first thing my trainer Billy will tell you is that I need to loosen up.  It’s easy to get caught up thinking too hard and trying to throw hard punches but is actually when you’re in fluent motion and are relaxed you throw the best punches.  I’m hoping the boxing will also help me in my press releases to stay relaxed and smooth.   I’m typically pretty good off the line but with the broken foot this year I lost a little bit of my confidence not being able to move as quickly off the press so really looking to improve on this area before I get to a camp.

Side Note: Took my dad to the airport on Monday. All in all had a great time with my Dad out here.  It’s been a long time since it’s been just the two of us so I’m very grateful he took the time off work to spend the week out here with me and experience what I was doing.

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  1. Jake we are soooooo proud of you and we can't wait to enjoy watching you on Sunday afternoon!!! Will miss you so much at Bearcat games!!! Love ya