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I'm starting this blog to help keep everyone in the loop on my football training so I hope you guys enjoy. I'll apologize in advance for the possible imperfect punctuation or spelling. As I've come to find, my girlfriend Haley is the first phone call I get for ALL my grammatical errors LOL. But ill do my best to keep them interesting and easy to follow. I will also try to post pictures just to help give a visual to different people, buildings, and events.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

80/20 Rule

So, last Wednesday night I picked up my Dad (Chris) at the airport who visited for the week.  He doesn’t get a lot of vacations because of his business so he ready to get out here and enjoy the weather.   So, we wake up Thursday and head to Pro Edge so I can show him around and have him meet all the fellas, which he did.  I didn’t know he was going to work out but I wasn’t against it so before I knew it he had made himself at home.  He was walking on the tread mill, hitting the punching bag, and then eventually Billy (trainer) got him down working and doing a few sets with our “Pro Day” group which was hilarious cause if you know my dad at all, you know he still thinks he’s 24 years old in his mind and has way to much pride to give up!  In short, he was like a little kid in a candy shop getting to hangout at the gym with a bunch of athletes and getting coached up by some of the top trainers around; so he was definitely in his element which was good to see…..most of the time.
Hanging out with your parents is always fun but you can usually fall back on the 80/20 Rule.  That is, 80% of the time you’re having a great time and enjoy their company while the other 20% your shrieking as they're doing everything in their power to embarrass you in every and anyway possible.

I think It was Monday morning we drove to the gym and I saw Lance Briggs' car outside, so I gave my Dad the talk that he was there and he had to ya know, “play it cool”and stay under the radar, so to speak (he’s a big Bears fan). So, he was all like “yea of coarse you don’t have to worry about me.”  So I go in and start walking on the treadmill to warm up, not even 2 minutes later I look in the mirror to find my Dad with his FULL size camera snapping photos of Lance boxing about 4 feet away from his face!  So yea he at least got a solid 10 pictures from all angles before I jumped off the treadmill and gave him the look of unapproval and motioned for the door where I followed him out!  “He said I could!”, he was already saying, I was like, "Dad, I told you to play it cool, I gotta see these guys every day!" But Lance was real cool about the situation and later when I was working out he walked up to my dad and got a picture with him so that was a nice gesture on his part……But as embarrassed as he was making me, everyone at the gym was like “Soy, your Dad is the freaking man!” Soooo dad, I suppose I can keep you around a little longer!

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