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I'm starting this blog to help keep everyone in the loop on my football training so I hope you guys enjoy. I'll apologize in advance for the possible imperfect punctuation or spelling. As I've come to find, my girlfriend Haley is the first phone call I get for ALL my grammatical errors LOL. But ill do my best to keep them interesting and easy to follow. I will also try to post pictures just to help give a visual to different people, buildings, and events.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Big Unit vs Chris Soy

Friday night my dad and I had a date at Alice Coopersland Restaurant in downtown Phoenix.  My dad was bound and determined that we were going there.  He is obsessed with the show Man vs. Food on the food channel and saw a special they had on “The Big Unit : Bases Loaded” which is a 22 inch long hot dog with over 10 toppings and weighing in at just over 3 pounds. I had about a ¼ of it and my dad actually handled the rest of it pretty well.  

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