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I'm starting this blog to help keep everyone in the loop on my football training so I hope you guys enjoy. I'll apologize in advance for the possible imperfect punctuation or spelling. As I've come to find, my girlfriend Haley is the first phone call I get for ALL my grammatical errors LOL. But ill do my best to keep them interesting and easy to follow. I will also try to post pictures just to help give a visual to different people, buildings, and events.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Step in Right Direction

For the first time in 3 months I jogged on the field. Nothing crazy, just a few 30 yard build-ups and that was it.  Honestly it didn’t feel as good as I was hoping but none the less it is progress so I’ll take it. Saturday night which was St. Patrick’s Day, I went to Derricks (ProEdge Owner) birthday party at his house; after that just went home and watched a couple of movies at the house.  Foot was kind of swollen so figured it would be best if I stayed for the night.    

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  1. I know that the MW ProDay is just a few days away, are you still planning in participating in it or are you going to do NW's?