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Sunday, March 18, 2012

ASU Pro Day

Video: Cameron & Dan 40yrd Dash

Went to the ASU Pro day on Friday to support Dan (OL) and Cameron (Longsnapper) on their big day. It was a beautiful day and there several NFL scouts/ coaches in attendance. Both had a good day but it was Dan who stole the spotlight by the end of the day. He came to Pro Edge weighing 279lbs and honestly not on the radar of NFL teams.  On Friday, he weighed in at 304lbs (that’s 25lbs in just over 2 months people, think about it). He came in benching 225lbs thirty two times and hit forty one reps (tied for first as the top overall bench press of all OL in the country) on Friday only because he hit the rack three times on the way up which killed his flow or he would have hit 45-46 times! He clocked in at 4.98 in his 40 yard and offensive linemen his size is very impressive.  So it’s fair to say Big Dan put Pro Edge on the map and more importantly himself! He had scouts drooling over him by the end of the day.

Terrell Resonno's (DL), another athlete I worked out with at Pro Edge had his Pro day on Thursday at Mizzou where I’m told he also did very well despite a strain in his quad.  I wasn’t there so I can give all the details but all the same, real happy for him.

Picture: Marvin Lewis, Head Coach of Cincinnati Bengals amoung scouts at the end of the 40 yrd dash (to the right of red shirt in black and white)

On a Side note: Being able to attend the ASU Pro day gave me a spike in motivation and also the opportunity to get a feel for what the day felt like and to see the drills the scouts had the WR's doing.  ASU had five wide receivers working out, one of which has a 2nd round draft grade, so I got to watch them run their routes and size them up an all that jazz;  but I’ll tell  you what I found interesting. While I watched them all run their routes on air, there were slight differences in their route running and skill but overall, they really all looked about the SAME.  They all had very close to similar size, speed, and strength.  You figure, these scouts are looking at approx. 2-5 WR per/school you wonder what it is they are looking for or more precisely what can set you apart?!   I’ve been told several times by relevant and respected sources that you never know exactly what a team is looking for and more importantly, you don’t have to make them ALL like you, you only need ONE scout/coach/team to like you.  That honestly what I fall back on when I start breaking down all the odds, all the players, and so FEW roster slots.  "Control the controllables" 

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